Not everything is tourism between the population of Teulada and Moraira, there is more and of quality. In this case we go to the auditorium that has become a center not only for music in all its variants, but also as an icon of the most modern architecture in the area and the avant-garde culture that these conteras populations bathed by the Mediterranean needed. .

The Teulada Moraira Auditorium project was inaugurated in 2011 and since then it has been intoxicating all those who have passed in front of an iconic building in the region built by technical architect Francisco Robado Beloqui, internationally recognized and considered by many specialists in the sector as the successor of Rafael Moneo.

It must be remembered that behind his back he carries a price of great significance granted by the Royal Institute of British Architects, the RIBA, which have the indisputable rank of being the most important in the world in the specialty of innovation in auditorium architecture and which many great architects designate as the Nobel Prize for Architecture.

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